Completion of the foranous works and construction of the piers at the west of the protruding Ronciglio in the Port of Trapani

Autorità portuale di Trapani

Porto di Trapani (Italia)


The port facility of Trapani, in the year 2000, was mainly organized to accommodate cargo vessels with a purely commercial destination. The sail club xxxx inside the harbor did not have adequate facilities to accommodate, both in size and size, large racing boats. Following the victory of the race between several world-class sailing clubs to host a Louis Vuitton stop for the participants in the 2005 XXXII America Cup, the port authority of Trapani needed to adapt its facilities to boats that would take part in the Challenge and all support boats.

It was therefore necessary to protect the port's marine access with the creation of structures that would allow for greater security within the port by repairing it from the south-south winds and equipped benches to host the racing boats.


Following a race / direct call Stone was asked to conduct an analysis and present a work project on the works already identified by the port authority. After a survey carried out by Stone technicians, the most appropriate solution for the type of materials and means necessary for the execution of the works was identified, in relation to the specific requirements and working times indicated:

    An overflowing dam of 450 meters in continuation of the dam "Colombaia”
    A floodless dump on a ground not overburdened by the length of 300 meters
    Internal construction of the dock basin equipped for mooring berths by harbor


The work involved Stone Men for a period of xx days to accomplish what was required. Thanks to the experience of Stone Men in the most effective use of hydraulic jack motors and excavators, we have been able to achieve a solution that corresponds to the customer's wish, with respect to the timing.

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