Construction of the new marina of LA SPEZIA "PORTO MIRABELLO"

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Porto Mirabello (La Spezia, Italia)


In 2010, a new recreational harbor area was inaugurated in a sea area near La Spezia. Porto Mirabello is the ideal environment for superyachts, placed in an environment of high prestige, determined by the proximity to realities of enormous historical and landscape value such as Lerici, Porto Venere, Cinque Terre and Portofino.

Rappresenta l’esempio, unico in Italia, di un porto cittadino realizzato completamente a mare, su un’isola artificiale, nel cuore del Golfo dei Poeti. Una penisola artificiale di 40.000 mq che mantiene inalterata la costa, valorizzandone la vocazione nautica
The complex, connected to the city of La Spezia by a pedestrian bridge, is equipped with every modern comfort and technology, offering 407 moorings from 12 meters, 100 of which are designed for super yachts from 40 to 130 meters. The design standards and the services offered are exclusive: up to 35 meters wide, front deck berth, clubhouse, restaurants, one hundred shops, heliport, surveillance h24, shipyard, boat lift travel and boat launching up to 160 tons, two gas stations for fuel       The dock consists of the main and secondary jetty and a secondary island from which the mooring moorings for pleasure boats are spread. In the light of the target customer typology, it was necessary to ensure the maximum respect of the constructive features required by the customer. The good success of the construction of the primary and secondary pontoon was a fundamental condition for ensuring the project's success.


Stone technical office after studying the characteristics of the project and those of the marine area on which to carry out the works, identified as the most suitable solution for the construction of reinforced concrete structures, using its men's experience and the flexibility of the media in the park. The means used for the realization of the works were used in the parks Stone Pontoni and motopontoni equipped with excavators and vibrofissori.


The work was done in full compliance with the specifications and the timescales. Thanks to the care and attention of Stone Men, they managed to build a structure that allows the managing company to offer a unique and exclusive service to the customer.

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